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Let Them Eat Cake

And they did.  Hannah's sixth birthday was yesterday and this homemade cake was a huge hit.  Even the most discrimintating tasters (not pictured) were impressed.

So I can't say this was a little work, but maybe that was becasue I was chasing one of the chefs around the house while mixing up a single batch - no wait, make that a double batch - of cake batter.  The cake was from scratch and seriously, I can't believe I ever made the store bought stuff after diving into this beast.  After going homemade, I just don't think I can go back.

The most work was the frosting and decorating.  I used some molds for the sea creatures - Hannah loves the Seahorse and starfish and put gummy bears to decorate the bottom.  I even experimented by spraying a real shell with Pam and then putting some melted chocolate into that.  Once chilled, the chocolate popped right out of the mold and, voila - another cool way to decorate the sea castle cake.