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Wednesday, September 29

Halloween Test Run - Cards

The latest and greatest card creation.
Inspired by CTMH book, but using random supplies around the house.

Sunday, September 26

Another quick card

So here is another quick card I punched out.  In one of my earlier posts I mentioned my camera broke and the pictures aren't clear.  Well, hopefully you can see this one alright, though I feel like the pictures dom't do it justice.  Again, let me know your thoughts.

Latest Art Work

Here is a card a completed while Liam was napping.  Hmmmm, who is gonna get this one I wonder?
Let me know what you think.

Wednesday, September 22

Halloween Hotstuff!

Please be sure to check out the Autumn/Winter Idea Book to get your these super cute and spooky Halloween supplies.  You can make cards or 2 page layouts that will turn out looking like this: 

Also, I will try to start posting some of my art work, but I dropped my camera in the last month and well, lets just say it doesn't focus!  I managed to fix it slightly (violently twisting the lense), but it isn't quite perfect.  If the picture quality isn't top notch you now know why!

Did I mention the Autumn Winter Catalogue?  There are just so many awesome projects in the idea book I can't even wait to share them all! Just look at the cover of the catalogue. I mean, how gorgeous is that.  I can make Christmas cards AND regular multipage layouts

Thursday, September 9

Christmas Cards for the Troops!

Hello Everyone.  I wanted to send a shout out about a project I will be starting with some close friends.  We will be making Christmas cards for the troops and sending them out by September 25th.

Here are the details: 
Please make Christmas Cards of any type and quantity for soldiers to send back home to their loved ones. Please do not sign them. The soldier isn't the end recipient. Please DO include envelopes. Do not make square cards because this will increase postage. Make as many as you possibly can. They can all be different, or they can all be the same - just make them beautiful!

Use whatever products you would like, from whatever company you'd like. They are not exclusive to Close to My Heart or anything else! This is for a good cause so keep your standards and quality high. You may sign the back as the creator if you wish.

Please let me know if you are participating. If you are local, just drop your cards off to me and I'll mail them with mine.  Or you can join my workshop where we share our christmas products.  I will hold the Workshop on Sunday, September 19th at 1:00-4:00pm. As always, I will provide light snacks and lots of fun! Call me at 480.516.1440 if you plan to attend!

I will mail the cards no later than September 22nd.  They must be post marked by the 25th.  If you are NOT local, please mail your cards directly to my military contact at:

Brandy Wuollet
1190 Ferguson Street
Fort Campbell, KY 42223

Coupons From Michael's

Sunday, August 22

August Stamp of the Month - FINAL DAYS!

August SOM (Stamp of the Month) promotion will be over on September first.  This is good and bad.  Bad because you won't be able to get it at a discount, good because you can then get the September Stamp of the Month!  Either way, be sure to check out and surf for all the wonderful specials at this time and you might just be able to pick one up at discount with your monthly order.  I haven't had a chance to use this stamp on my artwork yet but look forward to making some sweet fall like cards with it. Of course this is also reminscent of the warm summer months too!  Just so many uses and so little time! 

The image you see of the stamp set is actually 6" x 6". You can utilize the stamp on your Close To My Heart Acrylic Stamp Blocks to create a large flower with stamped tone-on-tone image for depth and background. Then you can use the smaller flower image on the little circle accent. Close To My Heart products are just so versatile! You will just fall in love with it all like I have!

Sunday, August 15

New CTMH Consultant

Hi Everyone! I am now officially a Close To My Heart Consultant!  How exciting!  I will be working to creating a class schedule where I plan to teach new scrapbooking techniques and offering various scrapping tips.  If you or anyone you know is interested in booking your very own gathering (which offer Hostess Rewards), let me know.  My website is up and running now also.  Again, more changes will be taking place, so watch carefully.  You can place orders on my Close To My Heart website:

Let me highlight for those of you who are more digital scrapbookers, (or long distance groupies) there is a killer special on Close To My Heart Studio J which offers all the CTMH layouts ONLINE.  Wow.  So, before you go trying to place an order through Walmart on one of those cheap layout books, better come talk to me.  In the next few days, you should be able to test drive Studio J as well.  I am certain you will be impressed like I was!
For now, spread the word about my product website and contact me if you need any help at all placing orders.

Thank you in advance for your recommendations and support.



Monday, August 9

New WebPage

So my first foray into creating a web post was good, but not perfect by any means.  I realized I had an email that was inconsistent with my web page and so for those of you who followed me already, thank you, but could you pleeeeease follow me again?  I placed a big ole' fancy button there for you to make it easy. 

You will see that I have added a few pages as well.  Hope these tabs will help organize the info better for you scrappers, writers and well general artsy fartsy types who just wanna see what is new.

You will notice that the pages have nothing in them yet.  Be patient.  As I first mentioned this is a work in progress.  Think of this more as looking out your window and watching a bird's nest being built.  Eventually the nest will get done and in the end it will not only serve a purpose but hopefully it will look great too.

I can tell you I am very excited about the SCRAP ATTACK page and will focus on that first.  I will be signing up as a Close to My Heart Representative and adding lots of interesting new projects and ideas for the upcoming fall quarter. 

I am working on a blanket too.  I learned how to knit from my Grandma when I was about 8 (I think) and well, my Mom recently gave me a new stitch to work with, so I am just learning, but having a blast and trying something new.  And this blanket will be perfect for littl baby Liam on the colder Winter nights here in Northern, CA.

So for my first post EVER, thank you to all who will follow, thank you to all who will donate to the cause, and thank you in general for visiting my page and hangin' around for a little while.

Your Scribbler Extraordinaire,