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Monday, August 9

New WebPage

So my first foray into creating a web post was good, but not perfect by any means.  I realized I had an email that was inconsistent with my web page and so for those of you who followed me already, thank you, but could you pleeeeease follow me again?  I placed a big ole' fancy button there for you to make it easy. 

You will see that I have added a few pages as well.  Hope these tabs will help organize the info better for you scrappers, writers and well general artsy fartsy types who just wanna see what is new.

You will notice that the pages have nothing in them yet.  Be patient.  As I first mentioned this is a work in progress.  Think of this more as looking out your window and watching a bird's nest being built.  Eventually the nest will get done and in the end it will not only serve a purpose but hopefully it will look great too.

I can tell you I am very excited about the SCRAP ATTACK page and will focus on that first.  I will be signing up as a Close to My Heart Representative and adding lots of interesting new projects and ideas for the upcoming fall quarter. 

I am working on a blanket too.  I learned how to knit from my Grandma when I was about 8 (I think) and well, my Mom recently gave me a new stitch to work with, so I am just learning, but having a blast and trying something new.  And this blanket will be perfect for littl baby Liam on the colder Winter nights here in Northern, CA.

So for my first post EVER, thank you to all who will follow, thank you to all who will donate to the cause, and thank you in general for visiting my page and hangin' around for a little while.

Your Scribbler Extraordinaire,


1 comment:

  1. Like the new page, but I am not a fan of the music coming on every time I reload the page. I finally just hit the mute button on my computer.

    LOVE Hannah's cake!